Learn about how tires should be rotated and balanced.

What is tire rotation?

Tire rotation is the process of moving wheels and tires from one position to another. This ensures even wear on your tires over their lifespan. Tires need to be rotated at regular intervals, usually between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. At Conrad’s, our Oil Change service comes with a FREE tire rotation.

Reasons for tire rotation

The most obvious reason to rotate your tires is so that the tread wears evenly. Premature wearing could mean you will have to replace your tires sooner than you planned. Tire rotation is an important service because it also means a trained eye is inspecting your tires for unusual wear such as bulges and cuts, and for other signs of damage. It's almost like a mini-physical for your tires because this inspection can catch small problems before they become big problems.

What is tire balancing?

A tire and wheel combination needs those little weights in just the right position (as determined by a computerized balancer) to help it roll down the road without bouncing or vibrating. While tires are always balanced when they are installed, over time and wear, this balance changes and needs to be redone, usually at least once over the life of the tread. Conrad’s uses only the best and newest equipment to balance tires so you can be sure that when you bring your vehicle to us, you are getting it done right.

What happens when tires are out of balance?

It is a fact that the faster you go, the more severe even a slight imbalance becomes, sometimes even causing the tire to "tramp" or hit harder on one spot. Unattended or ignored, this condition will lead to flat spots and an ever-deteriorating ride. If you have ever hit a pothole, it has probably knocked-out your alignment as well as your balance. This can cause tiny vibrations that you may not even be able to feel.

When you buy new tires, you buy them in hopes that they will last as long as the manufacturer claims. Just with anything you buy, the better you take care of your tires, the longer they will last. Tire rotation and tire balancing are key parts of maintaining your investment and ensuring you get your money’s worth.

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Ask tire questions yourself!

So do as much research as you can and jot down questions that may occur when doing this research. Any good shop welcomes informed buyers, because that makes their jobs easier. But expect to field some questions even if you seem to have picked out the perfect tire. Why? Because maybe they can recommend a similar tire, with all the same benefits, at a lower price because it is a house brand of a major company and does not have all the overhead costs as its brand-name cousin. Or maybe you overlooked a minor disadvantage in this great tire, such as, it’s perfect if you live somewhere that it doesn’t snow!

If we do right by you with our tire recommendations, you’ll be back.

So we ask questions to help you choose the right tires, because we want to sell you your next set of tires, and the set after that, and tires for your wife’s car, and the “college cars” also.

We want customers for life. That is why we ask tire questions. It’s good for you in the long run, not unlike the vegetables your mother made you finish before you got dessert!

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