Replacement tires: if it's time to buy two new tires, be sure to follow these installation and driving safety tips.

Ready to buy tires – but just two of them? If your replacement tires are the same size and construction as your current tires, then it’s very important that the new tires are installed on the rear axle.

Here’s why. New tires have a deeper tread than used tires. When tires have a deeper tread, they grip and evacuate water more efficiently than the tires with some wear on them. When you buy tires and install them at the rear of your car, this will help to maintain traction, especially in situations when hydroplaning is a risk.

Here’s the bottom line. Better traction in the rear of your car can prevent an over-steer condition (when the amount that the car steers is greater than what is intended by the driver) and will help to provide vehicle stability on wet surfaces.

Seeing is believing! Watch this video to see what happens when replacement tires are put on the rear of a car – and when they’re put on the front.

When you watch this video, be sure to tune in until the end. More important driving safety tips are included.

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