Safety Driving Tips: What to do if your vehicle starts to slide and how tires play a role.

Over steering is when your rear tires lose traction before your front tires and you start to spin. The most common causes of over steering are worn rear tires, entering a turn too fast, or braking too hard mid-turn. If you are in an over steering situation, apply the brakes and stay on them until you slow and regain control of your vehicle. To prevent over steering situations, check your air pressure and tread depth once a month, slow down to enter turns, rotate your tires so they wear evenly, and when replacing two tires only make sure they are the rear tires.

Under steering is when you lose traction on your front tires before your rear tires and you start to slide off the road. If this happens, lift off the gas until you slow down and regain traction on the road. To prevent under steering situations, check to make sure you have proper air pressure and tread depth on your tires once a month.

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