Tips for driving on wet roadways.

Driving during a rainstorm or snowstorm can be very scary. Your vision is obstructed making it harder to drive. What you can feel is how hard it is to control your car during these storms. This is when your tires are VERY important. Having properly inflated tires with good tread depth can make all the difference. Some tires even have specific technology designed to help you keep control when driving on wet roads. When you drive slower on wet roads you help to keep better contact with the road , which will improve your traction. Also, make sure to leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you as it will take more distance for you to stop.

Hydroplaning happens when your tire can not evacuate water fast enough to maintain the grip on the road. You can prevent the likelihood of this happening if you have proper tire inflation and tread depth on your tires. If you begin to hydroplane, DO NOT slam on your brakes. Ease off the gas pedal until you slow down and regain control of your vehicle.

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