Summer Vehicle Care: Can Your Car Take the Heat?

Summer presents a unique challenge for vehicle owners.

Your car needs to be in tip-top shape in order to effectively get you where you need to go and keep you cool!

Most people don’t realize that the extremely hot temps can wreak havoc on your car if you don’t keep up with some simple tasks.

It’s best to seek the advice of your mechanic to address these maintenance issues.

Consider some of these ways to care for your car in the summer months.

Keep up with the coolant

One of the most important things that can be done to your vehicle when the weather is warm is to make sure the coolant levels stay where they should. As the name suggests, coolant keeps your engine from getting too hot.

An overheated car will result in an overheated YOU, and that’s no way to spend a summer day!

Check the wipers

Are you surprised to see windshield wipers on the list?

If you’ve ever been caught in a summer downpour with less-than-stellar wipers, you know just how important it is for them to be in good shape!

The heat of the sun beating on the windshield wipers can cause the rubber to break down, making them brittle, torn, and ineffective.

It’s also important to make sure that your windshield wiper fluid well stays adequately filled.

Have hoses and belts inspected

In the summer, the name of the game is keeping your engine cool.

Hoses and belts are important because they carry coolant to and from the engine. Because they’re affected by fluctuating temperatures, they need to be checked out periodically.

Your mechanic will check for cracks, leaks, and loose hose connections. Belts should also be inspected for cracks or other damage.

Replace the air filter

A clogged air filter will lower your car’s fuel efficiency, which is not what you want when you’re ready for summer road trips!

The good thing is that air filters are relatively inexpensive so it’s best to go ahead and have it changed once summer hits.

Inspect the brakes

No matter the season, the brakes are the most important safety feature that your vehicle has.

Before you take off for your summer vacation, have your mechanic evaluate the brakes before you head out, but also watch for these warning signs that it’s time for a replacement:

  • A brake pedal that’s soft when you press it.
  • A brake pedal that’s extra hard or resistance to press.
  • The resting position of your brake pedal is too high or low.
  • Hearing scraping and grinding sounds when you apply pressure to the brakes.

Worry-free summer fun

Once you’ve had your mechanic check out all the necessary systems in your vehicle, you can rest assured that your summer fun won’t be sidelined by a breakdown on the way to the beach!

Come see us at Conrad’s! We’d love to help you make sure your vehicle’s road-ready!

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