Pack These Essentials for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer’s here and it’s time for some fun.

If you’re hitting the road, make sure you bring everything you need along so that there’s no damper on your good time.

Here’s a list of the important things you should be sure to take along for the car ride. They’re broken down into some helpful categories.

For the vehicle

Even the newest car can experience a malfunction. In addition to having your car tuned-up with a trusted mechanic before you head out, you’ll want to take along these items in case of a mishap of some sort:

  • Jumper cables.
  • A flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Car battery charger.
  • A roadside emergency kit that includes a fire extinguisher, three reflective warning triangles, a tire gauge, foam tire sealant, gloves, rags, duct tape, tow rope, multipurpose utility tool, several rain ponchos, water to drink, snacks that won’t spoil, blanket, collapsible snow shovel, and cat litter.

For the travelers

There are a lot of personal items that can make your drive more pleasant, as well as some necessities.

  • Sunscreen. You should still apply sunscreen just for the car ride. Even some tinted windows can allow those UV rays in.
  • A cooler with some cold water or whatever beverages you prefer.
  • Snacks. Try to stick with healthy choices like carrots and nuts, for example. You could also stick some fruit and some cheese sticks in the cooler.
  • Pillows and blankets. Sometimes long car rides call for naps!
  • Paper products. You never know when you’ll need some paper towels, tissues, or some toilet paper, which can come in handy if you make a pit stop somewhere that’s out!
  • First-Aid Kit. Include band-aids, anti-nausea medication, and pain reliever.
  • Chargers for your mobile devices. Nothing’s worse than running out of battery power!
  • Hand sanitizer. Face it, traveling can be gross. You’re putting your hands in a lot of places where many other hands have been.
  • Stain eraser pen. Take care of stains when they happen, even on the road.
  • Spare keys for your vehicle. Better safe than sorry! Getting locked out on a road trip can be a major bummer.
  • Umbrellas. Protect yourself from a stray sprinkle or a downpour.
  • Sunglasses. Make sure each person has a pair!

For the kids

No matter the age, kids can be a challenge to travel with. Make sure you stop enough to let them stretch their legs and get some energy out.

It also helps to include some of these:

  • Back-of-seat organizer. Look for one that can hold a tablet and has a lot of pockets for car-appropriate toys and other necessary trinkets.
  • A change of clothes. You can’t predict what kinds of spills or other accidents can happen with little ones.
  • Books. Bring enough stuff to keep the kids occupied.
  • Wet wipes. Even when the kids are grown, you’ll want to keep these around.
  • Kid-friendly snacks.
  • First-Aid Kit. Include band-aids, anti-nausea medication, and pain reliever.
  • Audiobooks and DVDs. Adults and children alike can enjoy getting wrapped up in a good story on a long drive.
  • Frisbee, ball, and/or a jump rope. It’s nice to have a little activity to incorporate into your rest stops!
  • Travel games. It’s all about the fun!

Remembering to bring the important items can make all the difference in how your car ride goes! Make a list, check it twice, and enjoy!

Give Conrad’s a call to make sure your vehicle is in good working order for your road trip! We’re happy to help!

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