Staycation: The Most Relaxing Vacay is as Close as Your Own Home

Summer vacation.

Traveling to a destination away from home can be a lot of fun.

Of course, once you consider the packing, loading the car, driving for hours, unloading the car, and unpacking...well, a STAYcation just might be a little more relaxing.

To sell a staycation to the rest of the family, you need to have a plan to convince them that you’ll have a wonderful time.

Here’s how to plan an epic staycation.

Ditch the normal routine

To really get that vacay vibe, you have to abandon your routine.

You won’t be doing any chores during your at-home vacation, so make sure your home is fresh, clean, and tidy beforehand.

A breakfast of donuts at 11 a.m. IN BED? By all means.

Pizza for lunch AND dinner? Go crazy.

Swimming at midnight? Yes, please.

The fun of a vacation is doing what you want when you want.

It’s an essential element that you don’t want to leave out just because you’re not taking a road trip.

No meetings, no emails, no work

It’s tempting to answer those notifications when you’re on vacation.

The feeling is even stronger when you’re having a staycation. Resist at all costs.

Stash the laptop, hide your phone (within reason), and be present with your family.

Splurge on a few meals

Part of the fun of any vacation is eating out.

You don’t have to forego the enjoyment just because you aren’t traveling.

Eat a couple meals out at local eateries you wouldn’t necessarily have splurged on before.

Get the appetizer. And the dessert.

You’ll still be cooking at home, too, so why not get creative there, too?

Try some recipes you’ve been putting off because they seemed too involved or time-consuming.

Let the kids choose every part of the meal one evening. It’s guaranteed to be a memory they’ll hang onto.

Knock out your local bucket list

Chances are there are spots close to home that you’ve wanted to visit but haven’t made the time for.

Now’s your chance to try the new vintage shop across town, the latest exhibit at the art museum, or a new deli that looks good.

Don’t forget the pictures

When you’re on a destination-vacation, no one forgets to grab their camera to document everything that’s happening.

You may not be as inclined to do so on your staycation, but you should.

Be intentional about taking pictures of your activities – after all, this time together is precious, whether you’re in your home or on a beach.

Enjoy the comforts of home in a new light

With a little effort, your staycation can be as memorable, special, and as fun as any vacation.

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