Road Trip Musts: Get Your Car Ready for Travel

The bags are packed. The snacks are ready to go. Time to take off on a springtime road trip.

You and the family are ready to go. But what about your car? Make sure your vehicle is as ready to roll as you are by checking each of these components.

1. Oil

After the harshness of winter, it’s a good idea to have your oil changed – or, at least, inspected, by an expert auto technician.

Your vehicle owner’s manual is also a good source of information for an oil-change timeline.

2. Battery

A new battery for your car isn’t too expensive. But when you add the price of a tow truck? That’s a different story. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have your battery checked before you head out on a trip.

3. Air filter

After winter, it’s a good idea to change the air filter so that the air you’re breathing inside the vehicle is clean and fresh.

4. Windshield

Give the inside and outside of the windshield a good washing.

Check the wiper blades, too. If they’re showing signs of wear after a snowy, icy winter, it’s time to replace them. You’ll definitely need them for the rains of spring.

5. Exterior lights

Don’t hit the road without making sure all of your vehicle’s exterior lights are in good working order.

It’s dangerous to drive around at night with a headlight, taillight, turn signal or brake light out. Not to mention, you could get pulled over and face a hefty fine.

6. ALL the tires

Of course, you should be having your tires checked on a regular basis. As the temperatures fluctuate during changing seasons, your tire pressure can increase and decrease, as well.

Don’t forget to have your spare tire looked at. It’s easily forgotten but can be the difference between paying for a tow truck and being able to get home on your own.

7. Belts and hoses

Like so many other components of your vehicle, the change in seasons affects your belts and hoses, too.

Have your trusted mechanic take a look to make sure there’s no cracking, breaks, or other issues that require attention.

Before you load the car…

No road trip is successful that ends with being stranded because your vehicle broke down.

Make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected by one of the experts at Conrad’s before you pack for your road trip.

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