October is Car Care Month: Here’s How to Make the Most of It

October is a special month.

The leaves are changing, the air gets cooler, and it’s time for bonfires and apple cider. It’s also Car Care Month.

Today’s your lucky day because we’ve got some ideas to get you started.

Keep your fluid levels in check

You already know that your vehicle has quite a few types of fluids. If any of them need to be topped off or changed, your car won’t run at its peak performance.

Here’s a list of what your trusted mechanic will want to look at:

  • Oil
  • Power steering fluid.
  • Transmission fluid.
  • Windshield washer fluid.
  • Antifreeze and coolants.

Have your battery inspected

The battery connections should be tight and clean with no amount of corrosion. If it’s not up to par, your mechanic will want to replace it. Remember, getting stuck out in the cold with a dead battery is NOT fall fun.

Get the hoses and belts checked

If there’s any sign of excessive wear – like cracks, fraying, or brittleness – is detected on any of the hoses or belts, they’ll need to be replaced for your safety and to keep your vehicle running as it should.

Even if there isn’t any sign of wear, your auto technician will check to make sure the hoses and belts are tight and the connections are secure.

Have your exhaust system checked

Leaks, rust, or damaged or broken hangers or supports can be quite dangerous if not remedied right away.

Get your brakes inspected

The best way to remember to have your brakes checked once a year is to always schedule this routine maintenance task during Car Care Month. It’s important because your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car. Any excessive wear to drums, rotors, pads, or the brakes themselves should be taken care of right away.

Regular maintenance is a healthy car habit

When you specify that October is Car Care Month on your calendar, you won’t forget to have your vehicle inspected. At Conrad’s, we’d love to help you make a habit of maintaining your vehicles.

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