New Year, Old Car? Here’s How to Make Your Vehicle Look New Again

If you can’t always be driving a new vehicle, don’t feel bad. Not everyone can replace their car every year or two.

Your car may not be hot off the assembly line but that doesn’t mean it can’t LOOK like it is. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle looking like brand, spankin’ new.

1. Wash and wax

It’s not fancy or revolutionary, but it works. Whether you take your ride to a car wash or you want to handle it yourself, keeping it clean is critical for maintaining that new look.

After you’re sure it’s totally dry, apply a coat or two of wax to give it that dazzling shine. Of course, the wax does more than just make your car sparkle. It also protects your paint from the harsh Northeast Ohio weather like rain, ice, and snow.

2. Touch it up

Despite your best efforts, your vehicle will experience natural wear and tear. Unfortunately, that might involve some scratches, dents, and dings. A damaged finish can make your car look a little shabby. But it can also lead to rust if you don’t handle it ASAP.

Pick up some touch-up paint and the right sealant to fix any blemishes.

3. Remember the interior

A clean interior says a lot. Make it a habit to vacuum the carpets and seats. You should also be regularly wiping down all the surfaces. This is the best way to keep your vehicle’s interior looking like new.

It’s a good idea to have a pro give your interior the once over a couple times a year, as well.

4. Check-in with your mechanic

While it’s true that what’s under your car’s hood won’t change how it looks, but it’s essential for other reasons.

For example, you don’t want the noise from your car to arrive before you do. If your vehicle starts making any strange noises, have your mechanic take a look, diagnose the problem, and fix it.

No matter how fabulous your car looks on the outside, it won’t make a good impression if it doesn’t run. Routine maintenance will ensure your car runs every bit as well as it looks.

Make your car look like new

You may not be able to buy a new car every couple of years but that doesn’t mean your ride can’t look like it.

Keep up with washing and waxing, keep the interior ship-shape, and practice routine maintenance with your trusted mechanic and your car will stay in like-new condition – inside and out.

At Conrad’s, our expert auto technicians have the skill to give your vehicle the care it needs.

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