Make This Year’s Spring Cleaning a Family Affair

When the brooms, mops, and dust cloths come out, does the whole family scatter?

It can be hard to get everyone on board with your yearly spring cleaning ritual.

But, it’s good for them, it’s good for you, and why should you have to go solo all the time?

Here are some ideas for making spring cleaning family fun.

Make it a competition

You decide on the prize, just make sure it’s enticing enough to get everyone engaged.

For example, assign each person a room and tell them that the one who gets their floor the cleanest in the shortest amount of time gets to pick the movie and snacks for your next family movie night.

Hold a cleaning dance party

Blast some tunes that everyone likes and challenge them to incorporate their best dance moves into their cleaning.

The work will get done and there will be a ton of laughs.

Gamify it

If you’re all working in a large area together, play a game that you can accomplish while you’re cleaning like I Spy or 20 Questions.

It’ll make the time go faster and distract all of you from the task at hand – in a good way!

Don’t be afraid to use bribery

Sometimes you have to pull out the big guns and set the stakes pretty high to get what you want.

You could plan a weekend getaway that the family has to earn by helping with the spring cleaning tasks.

The catch is that the work has to be done with good attitudes (no whining and grumbling!) to earn the trip.

If your budget doesn’t allow something quite that extravagant, plan a movie, game, and pizza night or whatever kind of activity that will motivate the people in your home.

Give them options

It’s much easier for most people to work when they feel as if they have a choice in the matter.

Plan ahead and get feedback from each member of the family about what jobs they hate and which ones they don’t mind so much.

You’ll probably find that the likes and dislikes work out so that all the jobs you want to have done are covered.

And if not, don’t forget about the bribery.

Cleaning can be family fun

Once you get past the initial groans, your family will quickly see the opportunity for fun and they’ll jump on board.

Don’t forget your vehicle when it comes to spring cleaning.

Give it a good scrub, inside and out.

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