Make New Easter Traditions with the Family This Year

Easter is a special time for many people.

The chance to get together with family and/or friends is always welcome.

As you seek to make lasting memories – and maybe even start some new traditions – think about including some of these fun activities into your celebration.

Change up the egg hunt

Kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too) will enjoy a different twist on the classic Easter egg hunt.

Why not make it a scavenger hunt?

Put the clues in the eggs to guide each person to the next hiding place.

Of course, there needs to be a prize at the end.

This method also makes sure that each kid gets the same amount of eggs and can avoid some of the squabbles that can accompany a traditional egg hunt.

For an added bit of fun, give the scavenger hunt a theme each year depending on the interest of your children and your guests.

Have fun with Peeps

Easter isn’t Easter without these gooey, sugar-crusted delights.

But have you ever thought about doing more with them than just eating?

Try the Peep Olympics.

You can stack them, toss them, bowl them, and spoon race with them.

You can make up your own events, of course!

It works best if each person or team has a different color Peep.

Make a bunny cake

A bunny cake is a tradition for many families, but if you haven’t given it a try, this is the year.

Here are the steps.

Step #1
Bake two round white cakes.

Step #2
Leave one cake intact to be the bunny’s face.

Step #3
Use the second cake to cut out bunny ears and a bow tie.

Step #4
Frost all the pieces with a white icing of your choice.

Step #5
Time to decorate!

Cover the cake with coconut and use jelly beans to make the eyes, ears, nose, and to decorate the bow tie.

Go ahead and use any other kinds of decorations to make your bunny as cute as you want.

DIY photo booth

Get all your crafty supplies together and make some fun props for a homemade photo booth.

The props can go with your scavenger hunt theme or you can stick with an Easter theme – or both.

You’ll definitely want chicks, bunnies, eggs, flowers, and carrots.

Don’t forget the bunny ears!

Making memories is the best part

No matter what you decide to do with your special people, the most important thing is that you make memories that will last.

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