Healthy Fall Foods to Help You Stay on Track

People tend to eat more in the fall.

Maybe it’s because bathing suit season is over or that those warm comfort foods taste so good when the weather gets chilly.

Whatever your reason, the foods of fall don’t have to sabotage your healthy eating plan.

Try out some of these fruits and vegetables that are at peak season in the autumn.


Of course, the first fruit on the list has to be apples!

They’re a fall favorite that you can turn into a fun family activity – apple picking!

Did you know there are over 7,500 varieties of apple?

Apples are famously rich in antioxidants.

The ones that offer the most health benefit are Red Delicious, Ida Red, and Northern Spy.


You don’t have to stick with the regular purplish-red color – try golden, white, or multi-colored beets.

They contain nitrates, which are thought to increase blood flow to the brain and may even stave off dementia.

You can use the greens in salads and roast the rest for a tasty, healthy side.

Brussels Sprouts and cabbage

These veggies are packed with vitamins A and C, as well as high levels of glucosinolates.

You can make a yummy scramble with eggs, brussels sprouts, and cheese for breakfast.


Cranberries taste their best in the months of October and November.

Try making a healthy cranberry jelly, cranberry-jalapeno salsa, or cranberry oatmeal.


There are two different kinds of pears: European and Asian.

The most popular varieties for the fall are Bosc and Bartlett, which are European.

You can eat them raw, toss them in a salad, or add them to your favorite scone recipe.


Much like apples, pumpkins are a no-brainer for fall.

Pumpkin pie is a favorite and can be a part of a healthy diet when it’s made with skim milk and an artificial sweetener.

Roasted pumpkin seeds are another fall snack staple. Toss them in olive oil, add some sea salt, and throw them in the oven.


With varieties like acorn, butternut, and spaghetti, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something that everyone likes.

Many people use spaghetti squash as a low-carb substitute for pasta in recipes.

Sweet potatoes

Fall sweet potatoes have the best flavor.

They’re a great source of fiber and vitamin C, too.

You can peel, slice, and bake them for sweet potato fries or bake them whole and add (just a tad!) of cinnamon butter.

Stay on track

It’s not hard to find healthy recipes that take advantage of these peak-season fruits and vegetables and stick to your diet!

Don’t let your family trip to the orchard for apple picking get derailed by a breakdown. Fall is a great time for a tune-up!

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