Car Maintenance 101: Why You Need Tune-Ups

Waiting until your car lets you know that something’s wrong isn’t a good idea.

Regular maintenance can lower your risk of being stranded on a road somewhere, blindsided by an issue that could have been caught -- if only you’d taken your vehicle in for a check-up!

Not only is it a pain to work out a tow-truck and all the other junk that goes along with breaking down, but you’re also without a vehicle while yours is in the shop being repaired.

Here are the main elements for which you need to take your car in for periodic tune-ups before something goes wrong.

Clean airflow

Did you know that your car needs air in order to burn the gasoline that fuels your vehicle? The mixture of air and fuel create the correct environment for combustion.

The air that enters your engine is cleaned by air filters. When these filters become dirty or clogged, the air quality going into the engine is reduced and the end result is wasted gas. A tune-up includes a check of the air filter and possibly replacing it. An added bonus is that a clean air filter releases much fewer pollutants into the environment.


Your vehicle requires a lot of different kinds of fluids to run at its optimal level. These include transmission, brake, power steering, coolant, and oil.

As time goes on, these fluids can begin to collect dirt and debris, making your car work harder just to run. Regular tune-ups involve changing out these fluids with fresh, making your vehicle run more smoothly and cooler, too.

The most important fluid to maintain properly is the oil. Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual to determine how often the oil should be changed.


Gas isn’t the only component that makes your car run. The battery supplies much-needed power as well. Your mechanic will check out your battery in the course of a tune-up and replace it if necessary.


Having your tires checked regularly will help your car to use gas most efficiently and will keep you safe on the roads. Your mechanic will be looking for uneven or excessive wear, as well as any other damage that could compromise the safety of your family.


Examining the various belts on your vehicle is a regular part of a tune-up. Your mechanic will evaluate if they need to be replaced.


It’s not a secret that the safety of you and your family can be compromised if your brakes malfunction. A tune-up includes an examination of your pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and brake fluid.

Safety first

Not only will regular tune-ups ensure your vehicle has a long life, more importantly, they also have a positive effect on how safe your car is for you, your family, and even other motorists.

The qualified mechanics at Conrad’s would love to take a look at your vehicle and make sure it’s running up to par, for you and your family. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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