Car Care Guide: Fuel System

Your vehicle’s fuel system is one of the important components that keeps it going. You have places to go and you depend on your car to get you there. Not to mention that you want it to have as long a life as possible.

To make that happen, your fuel system needs regular maintenance. Let’s look at what your vehicle’s fuel system does, the parts that make it up, what affects its function and how you can know if there’s a problem.

Let’s dive in.

Get to know the parts of your car’s fuel system

Several components make up your vehicle’s fuel system:

  • Pressure regulator.
  • Fuel injectors.
  • Lines/hoses.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Fuel filter.
  • One or more fuel pumps.

What does your fuel system do?

Your fuel system works with the other parts of the engine control system to ensure great performance with the lowest possible emissions.

Here’s how it works.

  • Before arriving at the injectors, the fuel system takes fuel from your fuel tank and passes it through a filter to be strained.
  • Fuel pressure is controlled by a pressure regulator. This ensures that the engine will perform well in various load and speed conditions.
  • When they’re activated, fuel injectors spray a measured amount of fuel into the engine.
  • Some vehicles have a return line system that carries unconsumed fuel back to the tank.

Regular wear on your fuel system

You may be the most responsible car owner, but regularly using your vehicle will cause wear and tear. In time, the parts of your fuel system will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

These factors influence the need for repairs/replacements:

  • Fuel quality.
  • The age of your vehicle.
  • Mileage.
  • Operating conditions.
  • How well you’ve maintained your vehicle.

Is something wrong with your fuel system?

Pay attention to these signs that something may be awry with your vehicle’s fuel system:

  • Your fuel efficiency is reduced.
  • Your car won’t start.
  • Your check engine light is on.

Trust your fuel system to the car care experts

Regular vehicle maintenance is the best way to care for your vehicle’s fuel system. But using your car on an everyday basis means you’ll eventually have to make some repairs.

Whether it’s a repair or just routine maintenance, trust your car care to the skilled auto technicians at your nearest Conrad’s location.

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