Car Care Guide: Filtering System

Your vehicle has a filtering system that’s integral for it to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

To extend your car’s life, you must regularly replace the various filters in your car’s filtering system. We’re going to look at what those filters are, how the system works, the external factors that affect the system, and how to tell if something’s wrong.

Here’s what you need to know.

Get to know the parts of your car’s filtering system

Several components make up your vehicle’s exhaust system:

  1. Cabin filter.
  2. Air filter.
  3. Automatic transmission filter.
  4. Oil filter.
  5. Fuel filter.

What does your filtering system do?

Your filtering system is all about protecting your vehicle from contaminants. Let’s take a look at what each of these filters does for your car.

Oil filter

The oil filter catches contaminants so the oil can flow freely through the engine.

Fuel filter

Without the fuel filter, impurities could cause issues with the carburetor or fuel injectors.

Air filter

The air filter keeps dirt particles from damaging the engine cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, and it keeps contaminants away from the airflow sensor.

Cabin filter

Pollen, bacteria, and dust can infiltrate your car’s cabin without the cabin filter doing its job – and that’s not good for you and your passengers.

Automatic transmission filter

This filter keeps debris from getting into your vehicle’s transmission, which can have serious, costly effects.

Regular wear on your exhaust system

Even if you’re the most careful car owner on the planet, regular vehicle use causes wear and tear and parts will eventually need to be replaced or repaired.

These factors influence the need for repairs/replacements:

  1. The number of miles on your car.
  2. Your driving habits.
  3. The conditions of the roads you drive on.
  4. The specific type of filter.
  5. The kind of vehicle you drive.

Is something wrong with your filtering system?

Watch out for these symptoms that something is wrong with your car’s filtering system:

  1. Your fuel economy drops.
  2. Your vehicle hesitates when you accelerate.
  3. Your car’s interior smells musty.

Trust your filtering system to car care pros

Practicing proper vehicle maintenance is one of the smartest ways to care for your filtering system. But everyday use means you’ll eventually face repairs.

Whether it’s regular maintenance or repairs, trust your car care to the skilled auto technicians at your nearest Conrad’s location.

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