It’s the year that “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” lights became standard on new vehicles. This little dashboard indicator light is a big deal.

It lets you know that there’s an issue with your vehicle that you need to have checked out. Let’s take a look at what your dashboard indicator lights are trying to tell you.

Why do you need to pay attention to your dashboard lights?

When your “Check Engine” light is on, it indicates that one of your vehicle’s systems isn’t working properly. It could be the ignition, fuel injection, or emission control. It’s important to note that your car may seem just fine to you. You’ll need the right diagnostic tools to find out what’s really going on under the hood.

Ignoring this dashboard light could have a negative effect on your vehicle’s fuel-efficiency – or worse, end up in costly repairs.

Here’s what you need to know about your dashboard lights

    There are some important things you need to know about that little glowing light on your dashboard:
  • When a yellow light comes on and stays on, you should get your vehicle to your trusted mechanic at your earliest convenience.
  • A flashing yellow light is a more serious situation. It means that a problem is happening currently and needs to be checked out right away. For example, catalytic converter damage could cause your dashboard engine light to blink.
  • If you see a red warning light, you’ll need to pull over as soon as you find a safe location and call your mechanic.
  • Once your mechanic has your vehicle in his care, he’ll attach a diagnostic tool that will scan and diagnose the issue.
  • After the problem has been pinpointed and fixed, your auto technician will reset the dashboard indicator light.

Trust the pros when your “Check Engine” light comes on

You can trust the skilled mechanics at Conrad’s to correctly diagnose and quickly fix whatever’s happening with your vehicle.

You can drive off into the sunset with confidence – and no blinking dashboard lights.

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