9 Tips for Getting Great Fuel Efficiency

There are a few tried-and-true ways that you can increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Whether you’re driving around town or traveling from state-to-state, these nine tips will help you keep your gasoline budget under control.

1. Keep up with regular maintenance

When your vehicle is properly maintained, it will function at its highest level. Your trusted mechanic and your vehicle owner’s manual will let you know when each task needs to happen.

2. Keep tires properly inflated

Not only are under-inflated tires dangerous, but they’re also a drag on your fuel economy. Over-inflated tires are a risk, as well.

Check your tire pressure regularly and remember that the outside temperature has an effect.

3. Group your errands

When you complete all your errands in one trip, you’re doing your vehicle a favor.


Because a car that’s already warm will run more efficiently than one with a cold engine.

4. Follow the speed limits

Once your speedometer hits a number above 50 miles per hour, your fuel economy decreases. Varying speeds also have an adverse effect, so use your cruise control when possible.

5. Don’t be an aggressive driver

Moderation is key when it comes to driving in a way that increases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

That means, don’t gun your engine, speed around corners, or slam on the brakes. These actions are definite gas-wasters.

6. Keep your car cleaned out

You may not have given a second thought to that bin of clothes you put in your trunk a month ago to drop off at your local donation spot. But the extra weight uses extra gasoline. Don’t haul around anything that you don’t need to.

Give your vehicle the once-over and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong.

7. Go for an aerodynamic profile

No, you don’t have to purchase a car that looks like it came from a secret NASA base. What we mean by an “aerodynamic profile” is to be aware of things like keeping your windows or moon-roof closed when you’re driving on the highway, for example.

Actually, dirt and grime clinging to the outside of your vehicle can make it less aerodynamic, too, so keep up with the regular car washes.

8. Try not to idle for long periods

Did you know that leaving your car running uses more gas than starting it up does? If you’re expecting to sit for more than a couple minutes, it’s better to turn your car off than to leave it running.

9. Share rides

If you have friends or co-workers who live near you, consider taking turns driving to work, the grocery store, etc.

Be smart about fuel efficiency

Follow these nine tips for getting the most out of your gasoline budget. Your vehicle – and your wallet – will thank you.

And don’t forget that the skilled auto technicians at your nearest Conrad’s location are happy to help you with all your car care needs.

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