5 Ways to Get Your Ride Springtime-Ready

Winter in NE Ohio is no joke. The snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and the huge potholes can do a number on your vehicle.

But, spring is in the air and it’s time to say “See ya later” to the grime left behind by winter. Here’s what you need to know about giving your ride a spring-time refresher.

1. Get rid of the salt

While salt’s necessary for keeping the road ways safe, it’s hard on your car. Especially the undercarriage where the salt concentration can be extra corrosive.Use a car wash that has a spray specifically for the bottom of your car.

2. Have your alignment and suspension checked

Slamming into a pothole is one of the most cringe-worthy parts of post-winter driving. You can almost FEEL the toll it take on your vehicle each and every time you hit one. Have your trusted mechanic take a look at both the alignment and suspension – especially if you notice a pull to one side when you’re driving.

3. Get an oil change and check the other fluids

If the last time you had your oil changed was before winter hit, spring is the perfect time. Flushing your transmission fluid is a good idea, too.

Your transmission is one of the most-neglected parts of a car AND it’s the most expensive to fix. Also have your wiper fluid, brake fluid, and coolant levels checked.

4. How are the tires doing?

Check your tire pressure – changes in the outside temperatures can have a significant effect. Check the tread-depth and pay attention to how your vehicle handles, too.

Remember, your tires are an important safety feature. Most mechanics will also recommend that you have your tires rotated approximately every 5,000 miles. Don’t forget to check your spare. It’s no fun to wind up with a flat tire AND a flat spare.

5. Have your brakes checked

It’s a necessity to have working brakes. Along with tires that are in good shape, your brakes are responsible for keeping you safe. Your mechanic will want to check the pads and rotors to ensure everything is as it should be.

Let Conrad’s help you ring in spring

As soon as the weather heats up, you probably get the itch to get out and about. Before you go too far, have these 5 important parts of your vehicle changed, checked, inspected, and/or replaced!

There’s no better place for you to go than to the skilled mechanics at Conrad’s. Whatever your issue – especially routine maintenance – they can handle it.

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