5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips: Is Your Car Ready for Spring?

Ahh, spring!! The sun comes out, the breezes get a whole lot warmer, and you start itching to get out.

Before you take to the open road, follow these steps to make sure your vehicle is as ready for the new season as you are.

1. Wax on, wax off (but wash first!)

Grit, grime and all manner of gunk collect on your vehicle during the winter months. And of course, the damaging salt.

Give your car a thorough wash and wax to make sure the crud doesn’t stick around long enough to dull your paint job or cause rust.

2. Clean out the inside

Nobody wants to spend a minute longer in the cold than they have to, so “stuff” can accumulate during the winter. Once it’s warm, spend a day getting rid of papers, trash, and anything else that doesn’t belong.

Wipe down the dash and give it a good vacuum – you’ll feel so much better!

3. How’s your tire pressure?

The cool winter temps can cause the air pressure in your tires to decrease. As the air starts warming up, the pressure increases.

Be sure to follow the directions in your owner’s manual to determine the correct pressure for your particular vehicle. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable DIY-ing, have your trusted mechanic take a look.

4. Inspect the wiper blades

Give your wiper blades the once-over, looking for cracks or signs of excessive wear. The ice and snow build-up over winter can cause the rubber to deteriorate. You’ll need your wipers to be firing on all cylinders for the rainy spring weather.

5. Take a peek under the hood

Make sure your vehicle’s engine made it through winter safely. Look over the belts and hoses, check the coolant, and the oil.

It’s a wise idea to have these various functions checked out by a mechanic you trust. The last thing you want to worry about is getting stranded because your car has overheated.

Ring in spring with vehicle maintenance

Making sure your car’s systems are in good working order after the rigors of winter driving just makes good sense.

If you aren’t comfortable doing something on your own, come and see us at Conrad’s.

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