5 Tips for Safe Labor Day Travels

Labor Day is summer’s final hurrah. You get one last long weekend to hit the road and have some fun with the family. Due to the added holiday traffic on the road, it’s important that you take some extra precautions to stay safe. Here’s what you need to know.

Beware of drunk drivers

The sad reality is that many people consume alcohol during their Labor Day celebrations and then get behind the wheel of their cars, causing an increase in accident-related crashes. Stay alert when you’re driving during this weekend. If you or someone you’re riding with has any alcohol, be sure to get a sober person to drive you home. Police and the State Highway Patrol will be out in full force to crack down on drunk drivers. Don’t risk a ticket or much worse – harming yourself, your family, or someone else.

Simple precautions

Follow these tips to help you get to where you’re going and back home safely during the long weekend.

#1: Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road

Especially if you’re taking a long trip. Have all the fluid levels checked, as well as your windshield wipers, lights, and coolant system, and your tires.

#2: Buckle up

In Ohio, it’s the law. But even if your travels take you out of state, you still need to wear a seat belt. Actually, buckling up can reduce your risk of injuries in an accident by 45% – plus, nobody wants to spend their Labor Day weekend hanging out in the emergency room.

#3: Give yourself plenty of time

If you’re traveling for Labor Day, be sure to leave early enough that you don’t have to rush. Running late can make you feel hurried and you’re more likely to speed. An expensive ticket is no way to celebrate the holiday weekend.

#4: Preview your route

If you’re going somewhere that’s unfamiliar, map out the route ahead of time. Know when your exits are coming up to avoid hasty lane changes that can result in an accident.

#5: Don’t drive tired

It’s important for you to know your limits and to not push it. If you feel the least bit drowsy, have someone else take over driving duties or pull over and take a break. For long trips, it’s a good idea to stop every couple hours to clear your head and stretch your legs.

Stay safe this Labor Day

There are several reasons to be on high-alert as you travel over the long holiday weekend. Unfortunately, holidays always show a spike in drunk-driving incidents. Take these precautions to keep your family from harm while you’re sharing the roadways. Don’t forget to have your trusted mechanic check out your vehicle before you pack up and go. Give us a call at Conrad’s – we’re happy to help!

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