5 Summer Car Care Tips You Need to Show Your Vehicle the Love

The season of sunshine and road trips is here. Sweet summertime. Maybe you’ve been adding to your bucket list of destinations all-year-long and now it’s finally time to take off.

Not so fast. There’s some important information you need before you hit the road. Follow these summer car-care tips to make sure your travels are safe and fun.

1. Tires

Your vehicle’s tire pressure will increase as the temps rise. If your tires are under- or over-inflated, you’re at a greater risk for a flat, a blowout, or even an accident. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to be sure your tires are filled to the correct level.

Check your vehicle owner’s manual to be sure your tires are filled to the correct level. A good rule of thumb is to check the pressure each time you fill up your car. An added bonus? You’ll save at the pump, too. Properly-inflated tires make your vehicle more fuel-efficient.

2. Oil

It’s not shocking that cars can overheat in the heat of summer. Driving long distances can also contribute to the issue.

Be sure to check your oil before taking off on a trip this summer. If the oil is dark or dirty, it’s time for a change. Today’s vehicles are different than older models so be sure to defer to the oil-change recommendations of your owner’s manual.

3. Fluid levels

After you’ve checked under your car for any signs of a leak, it’s a good idea to check all the fluid levels.

    Pay special attention to:
  • Coolant.
  • Transmission fluid.
  • Differential.
  • Power steering fluid.
  • Brake fluid.

If you did notice a leak, get your vehicle in to see your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

4. Check all the lights

Safe driving in any season depends on properly-functioning headlights and taillights. You should also pay attention to turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights, and interior lights, too.

4. Hoses and belts

When it comes to hoses and belts, you’re looking for leaks, cracks, holes, or loose connections. Your hoses should be firm, especially near the connecting points. If they’re soft or flexible, there’s likely a problem.

If your belts appear smooth, it’s a sign or excessive wear. The material shouldn’t be separated into different layers, either. Your mechanic can guide you as to when/if replacements need to be made.

5. Brakes

Soft and mushy and NOT the two words you want to describe your brakes. You also don’t want to hear any strange noises and you shouldn’t experience resistance. It’s important to keep up with your brakes when they start to show symptoms of wear to avoid costly repairs down the road and to stay safe.

Your trusted mechanic is a big part of the perfect summer

Before you take off on any summer journeys, you have to make sure your vehicle is up to the task. Have a mechanic you trust give your car the once-over, paying special attention to the tires, oil, fluid levels, hoses and belts, and your brakes.

A mechanic is a trusted resource to ensure your vehicle won’t give you any trouble on your summer trips.

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