5 Car Care Tips You Need to Follow

Cars require a lot of upkeep.

That is if you want them to have a long life.

It’s probably not difficult for you to name 5 or 10 things that need to be done to your vehicle on a regular basis, right?

Let’s take a look at the 5 that are the most important to keep up with!

1. Change the oil

No other job will have as big of an impact on your car’s engine than routinely checking the oil and filter and changing them regularly.

The old standard three-months-or-three-thousand-miles rule isn’t as accurate with the newer vehicles of today that can generally go longer in-between changes.

It’s always best to follow your owner’s manual and the guidelines your vehicle’s manufacturer has set forth.

2. Flush the cooling system

Once a year – or whenever your manual recommends – your coolant should be flushed and changed.

It’s a good idea to schedule routine work at the same time each year.

October is a great choice because it’s Car Care Month.

3. Change transmission and differential oils.

This is another one of those regular maintenance tasks that requires you to follow the recommendations of your owner’s manual to make sure you’re on track.

Your trusted mechanic will make sure that you’re given oil that’s the right viscosity and type for your car.

4. Wash it!

Wondering why giving your car’s exterior a good scrubbing is on a list of the top 5 things you need to do for your vehicle?

Think about this: Everything you run over on the roads you travel has the ability to collect on the underside of your car.

A buildup of grime, dirt, and overall yuck can cause your undercarriage to prematurely rust, which can end up causing you big trouble in the future.

5. Keep moving parts lubricated.

To put it simply, every moving part of your car needs grease!

Your vehicle can’t run up to its potential if everything can’t move smoothly.

Not only that, but the moving components of your car can decompose much more quickly when they aren’t properly lubricated.

Your car will thank you

Vehicles are built to last, but you have to do your part.

Following these five important maintenance tips will ensure that you’re doing all you can to give your car a long life.

Call your expert mechanic at Conrad’s to make an appointment today! We’re ready and waiting to care for your vehicle!