Is Your Vehicle Carpool-Ready? 5 Back-to-School Tips

Back-to-school time means it’s almost carpool season. If you’re traveling to and from school, practice, and everywhere in-between with your own kids AND other peoples’, it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge.

After all, the constant starting and stopping that happens as you go through the drop-off and pick-up line alone can be rough on your car. And that’s just school. Add in after-school sports and clubs and it’s easy to see why you need to take careful care of your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Get your brakes checked

Your brakes are your car’s most important safety feature. Schedule an appointment for a brake check-up and in the meantime, pay attention to a spongy feeling when you press the brake, squealing, screeching, or grinding.

2. Be adamant about buckles

No matter the age or size of a child, you can find information about how they should be safely restrained in your vehicle on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. Don’t waver in your resolve to keep your car in park until everyone is buckled.

3. Keep an eye on your tires

As the weather begins to shift from hot to cooler temps, remember how your tires can be affected. Periodically check the pressure and tread-depth. To keep your tires in good shape, each one should be inflated to your owner’s manual recommended psi.

4. Invest in a back-up detection device

Many newer vehicles come equipped with the most modern safety features, like back-up cameras. But your older vehicle doesn’t have to stay out of the safety loop. Back-up detection devices can be purchased separately and installed in your car. When you’re frequently driving in areas where there are a lot of children, it just makes sense to take every precaution.

5. Make visibility a top priority

Like it or not, shorter days are coming. That means you’ll be using your lights more often. Before the days start to darker earlier, inspect your car’s lights – interior and exterior – and replace any that are out or have dimmed. You should also replace your windshield wipers if you notice any warping, damage, or they don’t seem to be working as effectively as they should be. Make back-to-school as safe as possible As summer turns to fall and your schedule fills up with school and activities, pay attention to your vehicle. Make sure your tires and brakes are in good shape, replace lights and wipers as needed, consider some form of backup detection, and ALWAYS keep everyone buckled up. Your trusted auto technicians at Conrad’s are here to keep your car in tip-top condition. Give us a call or stop in today!

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